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Congrats to the film “&Juan”!  You win the Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera.  See our current contest for more awesomeness!

UPLOAD YOUR FILM FREE FOR A CHANCE TO WIN!  You can also enter the LavaVolt film festival when uploading for chances to win additional prizes in March, but you can choose to opt out of the festival.   CLICK HERE TO UPLOAD FREE and add your short and feature films you have sitting on a hard drive or floating around on Youtube for your chance to win a Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera!  LavaVolt is a place for filmmakers, by filmmakers and we help you; get your work seen, earn income, get cash tips from viewers and a free online portfolio for your work showing you for what you are….a pro filmmaker.

Submitting a film to LavaVolt is FREE and we NEVER claim any rights to the ownership of your film.  Remove it anytime.

LavaVolt Submit Your Film

Submit your video, share it and get as many views as you can.  A winner will be announced Feb 1st, 2014 on our website and social media outlets.

Contest Rules:

Your film CAN be on youtube and other websites, we do not require exclusivity.  There is NO film that is too old…..we are looking to share all films as long as they are good.

Submit your film to LavaVolt any time in the month of January, 2014.  Our system tracks views on a film (by IP address, so auto click and refreshing the page will not count as additional views).  Share your film with your network and get views, the film with the most views at 11pm MST on January 31, 2014 will win a brand new Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera!

*Free shipping of prize within US.  Shipping cost will be required for out of country shipping.  You will receive notification of your win within one day of contest ending and shipment of your prize within 17 days of notification and confirmation of address.

Launch Details and Payment Information for Advertising 
- LavaVolt does not claim ownership to your content….ever.  We just make you look awesome and help you earn some extra income from all the hard work you put into your film.  During LavaVolt’s launch (Jan 1 – Feb 15) we will be setting up our ad network, tip system and other features.  We will begin payouts in March, 2014.  Payments are based on your tips and ad revenue you have generated based on views.  For more information please login to your account for updates in your “Account Settings” panel.

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  1. Bridgestone Films
    - January 1, 2014
      -   Reply

    Very cool! So I can upload my film without entering the film festival?

  2. admin
    - January 2, 2014
      -   Reply


    YES! You do not need to enter the film festival. When uploading you can choose to:

    A: Enter the festival for a chance to win more prizes in March, 2014.
    B: Upload Free to the LavaVolt Library where you can also earn ad revenue from your film’s views!

    We look forward to your submissions!
    -LavaVolt Staff

  3. Flaming Pixel Productions
    - January 3, 2014
      -   Reply

    I have a film on that is already on Youtube. Is that ok? Or does it need to be unreleased? Also What are the rules for using copyrighted material and/or a fan film?

  4. admin
    - January 3, 2014
      -   Reply


    You film can be currently on youtube, we have no restrictions to placement or release date.
    We accept fan films, but you must own all assets to submit (music, video clips etc).
    We look forward to seeing your submissions! Let us know if you have any other questions.

    -LavaVolt Staff

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