Film Review: HOAH

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A short film by director James Cawley, “HOOAH” is about a company of soldiers are on a routine patrol in Afghanistan when they are ambushed by a enemy sniper. Caught off guard they find that the enemy is not always what is expected. A short film about the horrors of war and the multiple levels of what is acceptable actions to protect our freedom.

This short film covers the toll of war on our freedom fighters and makes you think about walking a mile in their shoes.  The cinematography in this film is superb, a gritty handheld motion and sharp action sequences very well defined.  Overall a great film there are some moments where the acting could have been rounded out a little better.  The filmmakers however completed this film in less than 5 hours on set which may explain some of the rush in the progression of shots and storyline.  Very much worth your time and view.


• Great Cinematography


• Rushed Storyline

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