Film Review: REUE

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This WWII short by director James Cawley, titled “REUE” is the story of two American soldiers, Sergeant Hank (Danny James) and Private Ronny (John Terry), who become separated from their platoon during a routine replenishment mission in occupied territory. After their supply truck comes under heavy artillery fire from a German ambush, the soldiers abandon the vehicle and barely escape with their lives.

The Germans continue the attack by chasing the two soldiers deep into the woods that line the supply route. Ronny’s empathy for a third platoon soldier, who is lagging behind, could be costly but after the men change course the Germans lose their trail and give up the search.

With one rifle between them and virtually no food and water, the soldiers regain their bearings while trying to relocate their platoon. The soldiers come to realize they’re now miles away from the supply convoy and decide to hike to a bombed-out factory in hopes of a rendezvous with “B” Company. During the journey to locate allied forces, the soldiers come face to face with a lost and scared German infantryman (Thomas McMinn).

Not prepared or equipped like the front line soldiers, Hank makes the decision to take the German prisoner anyway. From there, the three young soldiers embark on an emotional journey that will reshape what their countries have defined as the “enemy.” After erasing borders with letters from home, they men discover more in common with each other than their uniforms might reveal.

This original story was torn from the pages of World War II, but goes way beyond the bullets and the bombs. Instead, REUE takes a closer look at the will to survive and exposes the basic instincts that reside in all humans. In the end, REUE will leave you wondering … “Could I do that?”

Overall a great little film!


• Great Cinematography
• Award Winning Production Value and Costumes


• A Bit Too Long For The Storyline

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