LavaVolt is an online film festival and digital distribution solution for independent filmmakers. LavaVolt is an entertainment company that has one goal; showcase the best independent films, series and shorts. Many of us at LavaVolt are independent filmmakers ourselves and know how hard it is to showcase and profit from the works we create. We feel that there is a new era approaching and an untapped flow of filmmaking talent. Quality films are becoming easier to make with advances in software and technology. We have created a new platform to showcase these productions.......we call this LavaVolt.

We are here to support the Independent Filmmaker and fill the gap that exists between Youtube (where thousands of videos and clips are added each day and die quickly) and other non-independent based commercial sites such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon. Unlike youtube, all our content is quality film festival grade material that has been moderated by LavaVolt producers or festival partners. This gets your material viewed by more people who are looking for entertainment like yours......all while giving you an opportunity to make money on your short films, series and features. Although LavaVolt has many features that are also on platforms such as Netflix we strive to support all types of independent productions and many different levels. Filmmakers.....you are welcome at LavaVolt. Lets show the world how many hidden gems and future big time directors there are. Sign up for your free account today!


We know how hard you work on your independent productions and have designed LavaVolt to help you make money with your films. There are several ways to make money with LavaVolt; Enter a film festival and compete to win a cash prize every quarter, Keep your film hosted on LavaVolt and you earn a percentage of monthly advertising/membership revenue based on your films views, Or, direct people to your LavaVolt profile page where they can leave you a “tip” or cash deposit to thank you for creating your entertaining films.

Our royalty pool based on our advertising/membership revenue is how many of our filmmakers generate the most income, here is how it works:


    Through LavaVolt’s marketing efforts and your sharing of your submitted videos with your network our viewer count grows every day. These viewers will be voting on your films, giving you “tip” money and generating the ad revenue on the next step.


    LavaVolt offers two types of accounts; Free, which is ad supported. This means an ad will play before the viewer can watch a film on LavaVolt. If viewers prefer not to watch advertising they can pay to join a monthly membership account that is ad-free.


    LavaVolt gives a percentage of its profits back to the filmmaker royalty pool each month. These profits are from ad revenue and membership sign-ups. The percentage is determined by advertising costs and memberships, we post this percentage in your account.


    The LavaVolt platform pays you based on how many views your films receive on a monthly basis. For example, if you have a film that is getting 22,222 views you will make more from the monthly royalty pool than a filmmaker with 22 views. You can track this in your account.


LavaVolt DOES NOT REQUIRE your film to be exclusive to our platform. This means you can host it on other platforms such as; youtube, netflix, hulu etc.